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Maintenance Art

Maintenance Art” at California State University long Beach

It felt strange to be cleaning around people because when a person cleans they are usually in their house alone not being watched by other people and that’s why it was a strange experience. Leadermans and Serra’s art pieces where different because one is seen as more destructive while the other was seen as more nurturing. They where the same because both of them maybe where trying to fix something. Serra’s piece is he flinging a molten lead against the wall of a museum. This can be seen as him trying to fix the wall of the museum and Laderman’s although more peaceful is seen washing the steps of the museum. She is too changing the museum by cleaning it. I do not think however that they are art because a cleaning lady is not viewed as artist to the people she is a person trying to fulfill her role in life. Fixing something or cleaning does not make the work art In my eyes if that was true making my bed would be art. Laderman’s display of “Maintenance art” at the museum was not art because if the cleaning lady did the same thing, washed the steps of the museum it would not be considered art. If the same audience was in their office or place of work and saw a lady cleaning the steps all them would assume that she is simply doing her job. If Laderman was hired as a janitor to work at the museum it would not have been considered art. Art to me is something that has a message and something different for the audience and for the artist. It’s something that an artist and the audience can share. Art has to a lot with the artist but also where the artist decides to put the art. Purpose matters but the medium I feel matters more. If a person where to draw a dot on a canvas we as humans would see it as art because we have associated art with a canvas. As humans it’s hard to change a person’s mind thinking because it’s on a canvas it’s not art. When a person paints there house they are not thinking it’s art and the only purpose for painting the house is to maintain presentation. If a person decides to paint a mural of someone on their house then people say it is art. People also associate something different with to art and that’s one of the reasons people can see the difference of something is art or not. Laderman’s has not made me think differently of what “Womans work” is. I do however think that womans work is art because of all the changes that a woman has to do. They are able to create life and therefore make art. The star I would clean for is Michael Jackson’s.

Abstract Art

The experience was fun and free, to do something I didn’t have to think about much just to let the paint flow. It was easier to do a finger painting because I didn’t have to focus on the details of how it will turn out. Making something that doesn’t have a definite subject was liberating. This painting compared to others doesn’t have much reason and is less detailed then the ones that I see, which are mostly realism paintings.

Find Art Anywhere

This 3D piece of art is coming out of the ground like a metallic snake coming out of the ground.  This piece before was a bicycle rack before we decided to change it to something else. No, my art was not art until I put a rectangle on the floor. I thought the bicycle rack was just that. When I would walk up to get to my class I didn’t think of it differently than just a rack. Without the rectangle being there I wouldn’t see it as the art that I had seen it now. It would have still be the plane old bicycle rack. I would not associate with college and the ups and downs that the students have to endure their time there.The rectangle makes a person turn and take more time and ask why there might be a rectangle on the floor than if there wasn’t. Yes, art does reside in the body of the object because I believe everything is art if the person interprets it as art. When we saw the brick wall and the students put tape on the wall, we all saw it as tape on a brick wall but as soon as they had made a story to come with the art. To me everything is art however because a person sees these objects everyday people don’t take the time to see what is around them.I believe art can be anything. When a person can have the imagination to perceive it as different than that something will become something to that person. If the person decides to share the opinion of what they saw, then they are altering the minds of people to make them think different. A brick wall maybe still not be a brick wall, ones a person shares what they think of the wall. I think it is up to the experience of the viewer that the art changes. Once’s a person takes the time to think of an object as something differently, than the object becomes something different.

Drinking and Drawing

Drawing what I see is something that I had fun with because I am a computer science major and this helped to see the trees and trying to draw them along with the people that where with me. I like to draw but that doesn’t mean I’m a good artist. I stopped drawing in my junior year in high school because school to away most of my time but it was fun going back to drawing. Next time when I see a try or a cup i’ll try to draw it, even if it is just a small sketch. I do think that if a person where to practice for long periods of time they would be better. I believe that practice makes better because even a genius can be beaten if a person can practice enough time. In my computer science major there maybe programs that we have to map out and construct them to how we want them to come out. There may be some sketching that has to be done in order to write the code for the program the way the programmer wants it to come out. I do feel as though art is a language. There are paintings that show the sadness of people and speak what that persons is feeling at the moment the person painted the drawing. If a Mexican painter paints a drawing a person who speaks the language will have more a connection I feel because if a person who came from South Korean and see a painting of Diego Rivera they would be seeing the painting but I feel as though a person from Mexico would feel pride and more emotion towards it then a person from another place.

Story Telling (Photography)

Why did you choose this story?

I choose this story because every school day I pass through the streets and see the sun when it is barely coming out and when it has reached the sky. I pass through and see many people and cars going to work in the morning. I wanted to capture pictures of my stops and what I’m seeing on my way to school.

How did you think you did?

I think for someone who is not a photographer did okay. I didn’t want to do a large scale story but wanted something small that at least one person can relate.

What image do you think is the best?

The image that I think is the best is the one with the flowers and the sun peering in. I had always passed through the flowers going to the engineering building but had never thought to talk picture.

What would you do different next time?

Something I would do different next time is to include people. I want to capture the moment of people coming and going to work or to school. The bus stops where I also stop at, there are people with different destinations and it would have been nice to be able to talk to them and take their picture to know where they were headed.

Are there any Photo stories you might like to tell?

Where I live there are many people who are streets. Walking to the bus stops every morning can sometimes be scary because of the homeless that live in my area. I would like to capture the homeless people that live in my area and how even one of homeless person has an ankle monitor on him.

Why did you Choose this idea?
I choose this idea because when I first say this I was shocked. When I picture someone who is catholic and beliefs in the Maria, Jesus’s Mom, the first thing I picture immedieatly are hispanics. I knew there where different people whe believe in catholism but being surrounded by only one persepctive made me a bit blind to the other side of how people are. The asian lady cleaning the shrine of Maria was really a suprise to me because she is surrounded by all this symbols that I deem “Mexican”. I was also supprised when my uncle toldn me that the people who clean the shrine are the asian who live in that community. Which was something to me because I associated them with something else.

What did you hope to communicate?
I helped to communicate that there are many races out there and a person does not have to be stricly something because of their ethnicy or because of how they may appear. People need to be exposed more to their surrounding and the different things that are in the world.

How successful do you think you are?
I think my message comes out to be successful because of the emphasis on what I thought to be only related to hispanics. In reality however there are different people who can have the same beliefs.

What would you have done differently?
I would have taken a picture of the exact moment of when this was happening because first I’m not an artist so the picture I might have drawn may not be the best, that is why I think a photo would be best.

What is another idea you might explore through ‘shocking art”?
Another idea I would like to explore how somethings that are shocking in other places are not shocking here in the US. For example, now that many school shootings have happened here people now don’t find it as shocking as in the past. However people in other countries might see this as shocking because it doesn’t happen as much in another country.

Describe what you wanted to do?
I wanted to try something that didn't look comfortable. I usually wear clothes that are loose and shoes that I can walk on for a week not an hour. I put my hair down because I usually have it in a bun. 

What were their reactions to you?What did they think your name was? Your major? Did you find them responding to you differently than people ordinarily do?
The people I showed how I dressed because they always see me with baggy clothes and when they saw ma like this they where pretty surprised because all I wear outside is an oversize sweater and pants or leggings. When I asked my cousins what my name would be one said Amanda or Ashley. When I asked what major they said Nursing or Drama. When I'm walking to the engineering building I don't really  pay attention to people because I don't like looking up but with my family when they saw they were asking what was I doing which was different. 

I thought this experiment was fun. Though in public I wouldn't go out looking like that. I like sticking to the clothes I have now and don't like to get the attention of people though it was fun to dress differently than normal. I'll stick to wearing comfortable clothes especially at school. 

Writing a Pop Song

I meet you when I was down 
and even though you where higher than the skies 
I hoped for you to stare straight into my eyes
I see you every second of everyday and mean to ask how was your day
You are shining bright like a twinkling starlight
In those pitch black days I can be your light
Your smile brightens up my heart and those dimples are just so damn cute
Surrounded by people can be hard so let me be your shining star
You are shining bright like a twinkling starlight
In those pitch black days I can be your light
What where you trying to think about in your song? 
- Something that came to mind is my favorite pop group. 
What was your process for writing your song?
-Some of the things about when I was writing the song was when did I first listen to them, what song I first heard from them. I was trying to portray that these are these global sensations and I'm just a fan but will support them in the shadows. 
Was it easy? Hard? What you expected?
- This was VERY hard!!! I don't know how singers can do it. What I just thought of when making this song was a poem I was trying to make it repeat and rhyme but I couldn't think of many things that rhymed. 
How successful do you think your song is? 
- I honestly don't think it would be very successful because I though of the song as a poem and not so much as a song. I'm guessing that is why the song turned out to be shorter however I don't feel as I wrote a terrible song it might not make sense but to me everything I wrote was true and its how I feel. Not as a hard core fan but as someone who watches them and listens to their music but would never meet them in person. 
Do you think you will ever write another song?
- No I don't think i'll be writing another song because I don't think writing a song suits me. I felt as though I was all over the place and didn't know how to structure it. 
If you did write another song, what do you think it might be about?
- If I do write a song it would be about the most random thing like food, or how much I love my dog. Much like this song because the first thing that popped into my head when writing this song was them. 


Human Spirograph

Cognitive Map

Graffiti Art

I live in a city where graffiti is sprayed where I live so I decided to draw name of the city in which I live. The first thing when I saw graffiti I was reminded of where I live and the "wonderful" writing of words I can totally understand on the walls. The names that I decided to put are my brother, nephew, and mine because we all live in the wonderful city of Santa Ana. 

Remix Culture

- Internet culture has more freedom because there are people from across the world who have different opinions. Some of the fears that are expressed in internet culture is because the internet is so massive sometimes its easy for people to say what they want and do. 
- Copyright as of now, I don't think that it is strong. There are people who are getting away with being able to just take something and claim it as their own. I think that it should be strengthened because this is being overlooked unless someones speaks up for the artist. 
- A license that I choose for myself is a leaving the photographer in the pictures I got form the magazines. 
- What I decided to do with my remix is combine the national geographic magazine and a fashion magazine. I tried to make them come along the same topics. It didn't come out as much as how I expected it but it turned out a little better. I got pages from the national geographic magazine that can work along side the fashion magazine. While I was seeing how I can combine I started to see how these two magazines can merge together to make something new but the same and has a message. This is something that I found interesting. 

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